Philippines Wow - Discover the Natural Beauty of the Philippines

Wow is the perfect word to describe the Philippine Islands. The real beauty of the Philippines is in the Tropical Environment and Filipino Culture. After living in the Philippines for many years I have tried to capture the natural beauty of the Philippines and not just the big tourist spots. If you visit the Philippines you have to venture out and see as much as possible. It is the small things of nature that add up that make this such a great place to tour and visit.

Philippine banana leaf wade fishing in sunset gumamela flower clear water in the Philippines image of Philippine chimpanzee image of Taal Volcano
image of Mt. Mayon Volcano Image Image of scenic Bicol Sunrise Pawa Mangrove Park Bridge Philippine Mangrove Tree Philippine Maranta Plant
Philippine Anahaw Leaf Philippine Banana Tree Carabao in the Philippines Calm Philippine Sunrise Philippine Province Road Philippine Banana Spider
Blue starfish Philippine Starfish Philippine eel Dalagang Bukid Fish Philippine Sea Earthworm Philippine Sea Urchin
Philippine Coconut Plantation Split Coconuts Coconut Husks Philippine Copra Filipina Festival Girl
Street Dance in the Philippines Santo Nino Festival Philippine Fishing at Sunrise Bangka Boat used for Fishing Philippine Fishing Sunset Bangka Vessel in Philippines
morning dew flower Philippine Violet Flower Philippine Cosmos Flowers Philippine Moth Philippine Dragon Fly Philippine Albatross
Scenic Visayan Sunrise Philippine Nipa Hut Philippine Bamboo Barge Low Tide Sunrise in Philippines Philippine Fish Pond Scenic Blue Sunset
Philippine Rock Crab Philippine Fiddler Crab Philippine Rain Shower Philippine Tropical Clouds Scenic Visayan Sunset Scenic Philippine Sunrise
Bamboo Fish Pin Philippine Kalachuchi Flower Philippine Tulip Tree Lychee Tree philippine rice fields philippine palay rice

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